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The steel needed repair and rehabilitation, which covered different areas: ~200,000 square feet (18,580.6 m²) of structural steel, ~30,000 square feet (2,787.1 m²) of buckle plate, and ~2,000 linear feet (609.6 m) of galvanized steel handrail. Recoating the historic 7th Street Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the "City of Bridges," was an impressive task. It took Southern Road & Bridge's 11- to 40-person crew over a year and two installations. Feature 48 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM F BY JENNIFER FRAKES PHOTOS COURTESY HILL INTERNATIONAL AND SOUTHERN ROAD & BRIDGE Rehabilitating a Piece of History: Paint on the Andy Warhol Bridge F or Southern Road & Bridge, LLC, working on the 7th Street Bridge, also known as the Andy Warhol Bridge, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was a high-profile opportunity to demonstrate how an experienced crew and the right strategy can help rehabilitate a historic structure. "e 7th Street Bridge was undergoing a full $25 million rehabilitation, which involved the complete removal and replace- ment of the concrete bridge deck, extensive structural steel repairs, and complete surface prep and coating of the existing structural steel," said Yanni Skaroulis of Southern Road & Bridge. e coatings crew was hired by the prime contractor, Brayman Construction Corporation, to complete abrasive blasting and coating on approximately 200,000 square feet (18,580.6 m²) of structural steel, 30,000 square feet (2,787.1 m²) of buckle plate that was exposed after the removal of the existing concrete bridge deck, and approximately 2,000 linear feet (609.6 m) of galvanized steel handrail. "e vast majority of the blast and coating work was done on the original structural steel, which was fabricated for the construction of the bridge in the 1920s," stated Skaroulis. e bridge is owned by A llegheny County, and the rehabil- itation project was done in partnership with PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Work began on this monumental project in August 2016 and continued through November 2017. According to Skaroulis, the Southern Road & Bridge team mobilized twice during this time to complete the blasting and coating work. "During our first mobilization, we had more than 40 crew members on site, including 12 full-time guys working the abrasive blasters. Our second mobilization was a bit smaller, and toward the end of the job, we had about 11 guys completing the final painting and eventual demobilization," said Skaroulis. e first mobilization included the abrasive blast cleaning of STEEL EPOXY BRIDGE

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