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COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 67 heat absorbs the paint, and you end up spraying too thickly, and there's a lot of blemishes after that," Laragan said. eir solutions were to apply the coatings in the cooler temperatures in the afternoon, to use black mesh above the scaffolding to shade the entire vertical drop, and to move to a shady area when possible. "When the sun starts heating up, then we move to a shady area, so it's all about coordination," Laragan said. With as many as about 74 people with Group Builders, it was up to him to communicate the daily plan to his crew. And to get that plan, he first had to communicate with the general contractor, who released different parts of the buildings at a time as they were built. "It all depends on the general," Laragan said. "Usually we like one [entire] drop on one side of the building to be ready so there's no joints." Having the column of coatings helped keep the look intact. To that end, Laragan had a meeting with the GC each morning, and then he'd relay the information for the day to the crew. "We have a toolbox meeting every week, and I overlook everything to make sure it's done right," Laragan said. It was an information road to Hana, or highway, to be sure! Prize Project e Keauhou Lane project finished in late summer of 2017, and the apartments are now leasing. As for his crew members, Laragan said not only were they all "training very professionally," but they also "did a very good job." He's "proud of them." As for Camp, he was quite pleased with the Group Builders crew, which he called "solid." "ey're proactive upfront, willing to work with you in the detailing phase, and then committed to seeing it through when they're actually doing it," he continued. "And if they see a problem, they meet, agree to it, then get right after it rather than digging their heels in and saying 'Oh, that's not what we agreed to.' ey're really good to work with. We've used them before, and we'd certainly use them again." Camp was also impressed with the value-engineered finish. "At the end of the day, foam is not metal. e purest might not see it as being the same, but given all the hurdles, we're quite happy with how it was all pulled off," he said. It seems that others are happy with this project, too. e Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute gave the 2018 Sustainable Design Award to hi•arch•y for Keauhou Lane. For the local architectural and coating teams, it's not goodbye to this nearby project but a hui hou — until we meet again! CP The third finish on Keauhou Lane was called TerraNeo, which looks like granite. The crew applied the TerraNeo in two different colors using trowels to achieve an average of 1 / 16 - 1 / 8 th inch (0.2-0.1 cm) thick. > 800.621.2777 DECON TRAILERS VACUUMS DUST COLLECTORS BLAST POTS Re ad e r In qui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q0518

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