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82 MAY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM biofouling accumulation on the surface of the protected area. For more infor- mation, contact: AkzoNobel, (312) 544-7000, World's First Breaker Hammer With GPS Technology Bosch is introducing the world 's first breaker hammer w ith Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technolog y. T he Bosch GSH27-26 Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer w ith GPS and Slotted Drive Shaft (SDS)-ma x GPS Retrofit models offer real-time location information any where at any time. T he GPS works for months at a time because it is powered by a lithium-ion batter y that recharges automatically as soon as the tool is plug ged in. Plus, the tracking device can notif y a user about various activities, including non-working hour activation and non-authorized location use. T he tracking feature can be managed through the free Bosch GPS tracking app, available when the tool launches in May 2018. For more information, contact: Bosch, (877) 267-2499, w w ISI Building Products Unveils New Corporate Website Liquid-applied air barrier provider ISI Building Products (Insulation Solutions, Inc.) recently launched a new corpo- rate website. e new site showcases a refreshing new design to provide quick and easy access to the company's exten- sive product line, with areas including insulation, vapor barriers, waterproof- ing, concrete, roofing, radiant barriers, house wrap, and private labeling. e company invites users to browse through the new site and discover the wide variety of products offered. For more information, contact: ISI, (866) 698-6562, Next Level in Carbide Blade Technology T he 470.15.GS Gold St a nd a rd c a rbide bl ade f rom Taylor Tool s i ncor po - rates t he l atest c a rbide tec h nolog y a nd h a s more t h a n 25 percent g reater wea r l i fe t h a n ot her c a rbide bl ades on t he m a rket tod ay. T h is per for m a nce is ac h ieved t h roug h u si ng t he sa me h ig h compression composite tec h nolog y fou nd i n t he m i n i ng i ndu st r y, where e x t reme bl ade h a rd ness a nd wea r l i fe a re c r it ic a l. T he 470.15.GS bl ade h a s a combi n at ion of t he f i nest c a rbide g ra i n st r uc t u re, coba lt a l loys, a nd a t it a n iu m n it r ide cera m ic coat i ng. T he propr iet a r y pl a sm a-i mpreg n ated t it a n iu m gold coat i ng c reates a wea r l ayer t h at m a kes t h is bl ade out l a st a l l ot her c a rbide bl ades c u r rent ly ava i l able. T he bl ade is i n stoc k now a nd ava i l able to sh ip. For more i nfor - m at ion, cont ac t: Taylor Tool s, (303) 371-7667, w w w.t aylor tool New Standard for Floor Protection While Painting R am Board 's newest innovation, Painter's Board, is the f irst of its k ind desig ned specif ica l ly for paint- ers. It of fers durable, spi l l-resistant, f lex ible protection to keep even the messiest projects c lean. Painter's Board features R am Board 's patented Spi l l Guard technolog y to keep spi l led paint and other liquids f rom damag ing f loors and other sur faces. W hen ladders, f ur niture, and other household items are drag ged across f loors, the durabi lit y of the Painter's Board prevents scratches and damages. T his board a lso features Vapor Cure technolog y to a l low air and moisture to escape, which is cr ucia l for the even cur ing of newly insta l led concrete, glue dow n f loors, stained f loors, epox y f loors, and ref inished f loors. For more infor- mation, contact: R am Board, (855) 8 48 - 8678, w w Low Free-Silica Blasting Abrasives Line T he Chemours Co., a global chemis- tr y company w ith leading market positions in titanium technolo- gies, f luoroproducts, and chemical solutions, introduced a new line of value-priced, low free-silica blasting abrasives for surface preparation. Branded as A lZiBlast, these value- priced alumina silicate abrasives are ideal for applications requiring a less ag gressive blasting profile, and they are a suitable replacement for fine silica sands. T he A lZiBlast abrasives are the latest addition to the Chemours portfolio of natural abrasives that includes Starblast general pur pose staurolite blasting abrasives used for surface preparation in construction, steel fabrication, auto repair/repainting applications, historic building restorations, and bridge maintenance. For more infor- mation, contact: Chemours, (302) 773-1000, w w CP New & Noteworthy

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