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OIL CONTAINED FLIGHT DECK FIX NUCLEAR PLANT COATINGSPRO MAY 2018 9 Letters to the editor are always welcome. We reser ve the r ight to edit for space considerations. E-mail responses may be sent to Or mail to: Editor, CoatingsPro Magazine, 4501 Mission Bay Dr ive, Ste. 2G, San Diego, C A 92109 This Month On: Letters Web Content @Coating sProMag coating /Coating sProMag CoatingsPro On the Go Sign up for a free print (in the United States) or digital subscription at Editor, How did Greener World Solutions (CoatingsPro, "Back to School: Coated Spray Foam for New School," January 2018) achieve an R-value of 38 using a 2-inch (5.1 cm) iso board and 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of spray polyurethane foam (SPF)? W hat am I missing? Glenn Wujcik Raleigh, NC Mr. Wujcik, Thanks for the close reading! We confirmed with the contractor, and they used multiple iso boards, not one, to achieve the R-value mentioned in the article. ~Editor Editor, I really enjoyed two articles in partic- ular in the November 2017 issue. Your article on the Porsche Elevator building ("Going Up! Porsche Elevator Upgraded With Epoxy") and the Queen Mar y ("Coating Crew rows the Queen Mar y a Lifeline") stories were particularly enjoyable. Keep up the good work! Jim Glick Baltimore, MD Thanks for the positive feedback, Mr. Glick. We're working to make each issue as enjoyable for our readers! ~Editor Errata: SEALGUARD VFI-990 SILICONE has 96 percent solids by weight, not the 95 percent that was mentioned in the article "Back to School: Coated Spray Foam for New School " (CoatingsPro Magazine, Januar y 2018). We apologize for the oversight. Online Only Check out our online-only articles this month: Assessing your payroll during the summertime, a church roof recoating, our first Readers' Choice article, and more! and Feature: Longfellow Bridge Update Over the course of four years, Tri-State Painting has worked to coat the steel on the 400,000-square-foot (37,161.2 m²) project without interruption to the transit system. Would this be the bridge to excellence or to nowhere? ~Photo courtesy of Tri-State Painting, LLC Feature: Epoxy on Facility Floor An old wedding venue was being converted into an art gym/physical therapy facility. A four- to six-person crew from Abbruzzese Floors used epoxy to transform the floors into a work of art. ~Photo courtesy of Abbruzzese Floors Inc. JANUARY 2018 W W W . C O A T I N G S P R O M A G . C O M » LONGHORNS' STEEL TANK » SPOTS ON CONCRETE COATING » HARLEY-DAVIDSON ROOF REDO DISPOSABLE GLOVES HIGH SCHOOL ROOF CONTAINMENT BUILT 2018 COMPANY PROFILES TOP COATINGS INDUSTRY COMPANIES PG. 57 FIVE-0 FLOORS

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