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JUL 2018

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COATINGSPRO JULY 2018 17 Money Matters D eFelsko Corporation l O gdensburg, N ew Yor k USA Tel: + 1-315-393-4450 l Email: LPD 1 -8 0 0 -4 4 8-3835 www. d efelsko. com Low voltage Pinhole Detector Detects holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities on metal and concrete substrates n Lightweight, ergonomic design to fit comfortably in t he hand with a balanced weight distribution n 4 voltage outputs conform to international standards n Automatic self-test verifies voltage calibration n G roundSense™ visibly reassures the user that the instrument i s properly grounded n Weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof — meets or exceeds IP65 n Long For m Certificat e of Calibrat ion included Select from 2 Kit options: B asic — includes everyt hing needed for detecting pinholes using a rectangular sponge wand C omplete — includes the Basic Kit , adapt able sponge hardware and extension accessories C omplete Kit NEW NEW (with toner), copiers, and scanning units. Operating them independently can be very costly. With a plan in place for fewer machines, but which are used efficiently, there can be other savings initiatives. Simple strategies, such as printing a single sheet of paper double- sided, can not only save costs but contribute to a greener culture. One other item of note: Security is critical! With increasing concerns about data breaches, information must be secure and compliant. Many of the copying and printing devices have hard drives and can store information, which in turn must be overwritten or deleted before the machine is returned to the leasing company in favor of a newer piece of equipment or removed for disposal or recycling. It's critical to have a plan in place to be certain that information stored on a printer or copier hard drive is secure by being over-written or, in some cases, through having the hard drives shredded. Look for Low MPS can be an effective mechanism to reduce waste and recycle paper, ink, and other resources. It can be a green document solutions approach that is not only cost effective but can also lower the carbon footprint of your coatings contracting business. It makes sense, of course, to have the most efficient and secure means of generating documents for your business. If you are operating a larger business with multiple document generation machines, it makes sense for you to have your current system analyzed to see where you can save costs. If your company is a smaller business that is home-based, for example, you can still achieve savings by asking some questions when purchasing the document generation equipment, such as the cost of replacement cartridges and their estimated cost per page. Lower is better. ink in terms of the per-page cost — not the seemingly attractive low price of the original equipment. Regardless of the size of your coatings business, consider how a new approach to your document generation can help you increase your bottom line. CP Ray Belanger is Chief Execut ive Of f icer of Bay Copy. He is t he second-generat ion ow ner of t he business, which was star ted in 1972 by his fat her, R ay Belanger, Sr., under t he name Bay State Business Products. Belanger hold s a B. S. deg ree in market ing management f rom Bent ley Col lege, Wa lt ham, Massachusetts, and an MBA f rom Suf fol k Universit y, Boston. For more infor mat ion, contact: Bay Copy, w w Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q07 18

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