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COATINGSPRO JULY 2018 21 for the evaluation of DCOF of a wet walking surface are A NSI B101.3: Test Method for Measuring Wet DCOF of Common Hard Surface Floor Materials (Including Action and Limit Thresholds for the Suitable Assessment of the Measured Values) and A NSI A137.1: Specif ications for Ceramic Tile. T hese standards are ver y similar; however, B101.3 is a more difficult test than the A137.1, and A137.1 has also been set as the IBC standard for interior tile f loors. Both tests set a minimum DCOF of 0.42 for wet f loors that are level, and only B101.3 sets a minimum 0.45 for ramps. Conducting Slip-Resistance Tests With the new ANSI standards and the movement away from SCOF to DCOF, there is only one tribometer that can perform the test: BOT 3000E. So why doesn't every flooring contractor and facility manager have one to ensure their floors are compliant? e cost — at $7,000 to $8,000 per unit — is hard to justify for the average contractor. Fortunately, your coating manufacturer can help you find a third party to test your floors on an as-needed basis for $500 to $1,000 per project. You can also rent one from Slip Doctors, Moore Engineering Services, or Substratum Group for about $600 to $1,500 for three days. W hether you have a tribometer or not, it may be useful to learn how to use one effectively to help determine the best solution for your clients' floors. Reducing Liability A basic understanding of the testing and standards pertaining to slip resis- tance can help reduce your liability to litigation while providing a finished floor that's safe, functional, and attrac- tive. A lso, don't let a customer push you into installing a floor that doesn't meet these standards. Your resinous flooring manufacturer can help recommend a system that meets your customer's needs and expectations. CP Da n i e l O w e n i s t he v ice preside nt of Floor i ng Syste m s for IC P Con st r uc t ion , a d iv i sion of I n novat ive C he m ic a l P roduc t s Group (IC P Group), a le ad i ng s pec i a lt y pl at for m compa ny i n t he coat i ngs , ad hesives , se a l a nt s , a nd e l a stomers (C A SE) m a rk et s . IC P Con st r uc t ion's f loor i ng bra nd s i nc lude A r i z on a Poly mer Floor i ng , Super-K rete P roduc t s , a nd R oc k-Tred . For more i n for m at ion , cont ac t : IC P Group, w w w. ic p -con st r uc t ion . com Notes From the Field Exhibit/Sponsorship Questions or Comments? ASNE HQ Erica Smedley Cox ASNE TW Jessica Galassie Readiness, Wholeness and Future Capability — Keys to Expanding Maritime Superiority. Ask Questions! Guest speakers, panelists and paper presentations from the Navy, Coast Guard, industry and academia will discuss current issues and hot topics facing maritime vessels and crews. Expand Your Network! A unique opportunity to interact with senior military, civil service decision makers, ship/ craft operators and maintainers, repair/maintenance personnel, designers, builders, planners, engineers, program managers, life cycle engineers, equipment suppliers and other technical experts. Discover NEW Technology! New innovations and technologies displayed in technical papers and hands on demonstrations by industry and leading experts in their respective fields. Get Involved! Re ad e r In q ui r y at co ati n g sp ro m a m /i n q07 18

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