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22 JULY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM Safety Watch A ccidents, especially on construction sites, are not uncommon. T hat is why companies need to be responsible for training employees not only for productivity but for safety, too. A nd because legally, in the United States, it doesn't matter whether the accident is the result of employer negligence or employee carelessness, employers are bound by various regulations to establish processes to protect their employees from injur y. It's important to note that even when the employee's ow n behavior leads to an accident, on the jobsite, the employer is still responsible for ensur- ing workers' safety. To protect employees, custom- ers, and themselves, it is imperative for employers to take measures to safeguard their employees from accidents at work. Safeguards can be as simple as putting up signs remind- ing workers to wash their hands after visiting the restroom, and they can be as complex as multi-step field inspec- tions. e bottom line is that no safety measures will work without a culture of "safety first." So the real question is, how can companies instill a safety-first culture? And more importantly, how can employers protect both their employees and their mutual livelihoods? Benefits of a Strong Culture of Safety A simple but necessary first step in creating a safety culture is to require staff to conduct daily safety meetings. Often, this is required by law, but even when it's not, holding regular safety meetings will instill an attention to safety and help build your safety culture. e following are benefits of a strong safety culture: • Strong Teams: According to OSHA Training Services, safety incidents degrade the performance of the team and the job's progress, which can impact completion bonuses. Further, repeated incidents erode trust in the company from both employees and clients. Consistent safety training can increase team confidence and performance, give employees a voice in the process, and make for a more profitable company. • Marketability: Any workplace that has a great safety culture — and the data to back it up — is more compet- itive in the marketplace. Not only is it easier to tap the talent pool, but a strong safety record can be a huge marketing advantage when selling to new customers. A safety record backed up by real data is a huge competitive advantage. • Profitability: A culture of strong safety leads to less turnover, better customer acquisition and reten- tion, and fewer costs associated with fixing lapses in safety (i.e., accidents). All of these things hit your bottom line — why let them? Any workplace that has a great safety culture — and the data to back it up — is more competitive in the marketplace. By Erin Hutchison, General Manager for Kordata Mobile Technology for Safety Meetings

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