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24 JULY 2018 COATINGSPROMAG.COM • Storage: Once the data is collected, you need to make sure it's stored appropriately and securely — and that it's available only to those who should have access. Consider leverag- ing the cloud for this. Some vendors offer on-site storage, but this can be more expensive to maintain the storage servers and to staff them. However, not everyone is comfort- able with the cloud yet, so take that into consideration. • Reporting: Your system should be able to generate reports that both your team and your customers can use. These can be custom reports based on your safety processes, or standard industry reports, but they need to be available both online and offline. Having this data will also aid in analysis of your safety procedures and history. • Accessibility: By having the data always available, you will be able to show auditors, customers, prospects, and even employees that you are maintaining safety records appro- priately and instituting a culture of safety. If the reports are not accessi- ble, sharing pertinent information will be difficult. Safety and Beyond Documenting your safety meetings and procedures using a mobile device can be easier and more cost effective than traditional paper-based forms. You can map the forms, notes, and photos directly onto your smart phone or tablet, then push that data into which- ever reporting format your company uses. e data will always be there — no more transcribing back at the office or, worse, in the hotel room at night. And this may mean fewer mistakes or missed opportunities for you. e problem with handling paper documentation is that you must keep it safe and secure somewhere, then take on additional costs to prepare, send, or retrieve the information from the jobsite. Paper-based data is not immediately available to everyone and may not be easily accessible, but digital data can be. Proper and accessible documenta- tion is invaluable when working with auditors, law yers, or others who need access to your safety data. Building a legal case and protecting your company can be much less painful with good data. rough mobile collection and presentation of required documenta- tion, you can immediately demonstrate that diligent, standard processes were maintained in making the workplace safer for everyone. Accidents can happen anytime, any where, and to anyone. We can't prevent all jobsite incidents, but you can take proactive measures to mitigate risks. Creating proper safety procedures is only the first step; you also need to focus on developing a safety culture through regular safety meetings — and then document them for analysis, improvement, and legal protection. A culture of safety may reduce risk, save lives, and ultimately minimize organizational liability. A nd using mobile data collection technol- og y may make the process much more efficient and cost effective for you to do so. CP Erin Hutchison, genera l manager, oversees t he d ay-to-d ay operat ion of Kord ata. Wit h 15 years' e x per ience in leadership and project manage- ment roles at sof t ware f ir ms, Hutchison comes equ ipped w it h outstand ing ta lents in recr u it ing , staf f ing , and team bu i ld ing. She's a cer t if ied Project Management Professiona l (PMP) and a Cer t if ied Scr um Master (CSM). For more infor mat ion, contact: Kord ata , w w w.kord Through mobile collection and presentation of required documentation, you can immediately demonstrate that diligent, standard processes were maintained in making the workplace safer for everyone. Safety Watch

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