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COATINGSPRO JULY 2018 45 KM Coatings Phone: (602) 253-1168 KM ROOFGR ADE ™ is a water-repellent fiber reinforced skim mortar designed to be applied to areas of standing water on roofs to help promote positive drainage. KM ROOFGRADE is a blend of special binders, fiber, admixtures, selected aggregate, and powder polymers formulated to produce high bond strength and easy finishing. It is easy to screed, cures within 24 hours and is paintable within 48 hours. For more information visit KM Coatings Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. Phone: (800) 222-9782 PolyBrite ® 98 is a water-based, one-part primer/bleed blocker that enhances the adhesion of Polyglass silicone roof coatings to a variety of porous and non-porous substrates. It has low VOC, is rain resistant after 3 hours, and has bleed blocking properties that prevent asphalt bleed through. PolyBrite 98 tenaciously adheres to galvanized steel, aluminum, granulated modified bitumen membranes, wood and masonry. For more information visit Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. The Garland Company, Inc. Phone: (800) 321-9336 NEW White Coating: High Performance, Low Odor Pyramic Plus LO is a bright white, acrylic-urethane roof coating designed to preserve asphaltic modified bitumen surfaces from UV degradation and lower temperatures on the roof surface (and can even reduce them inside the building). Though 100% water-based and non-toxic, this formula contains uniquely formulated biocides that minimize growth of micro-organisms including bacteria and algae on the surface of the coating. Combine this bacteria-fighter with optimal urethane-dispersion for one of the most resilient acrylic roof coatings on the market. Easy to apply. VOC compliant. Low odor. The Garland Company, Inc. HIPPO Coatings Phone: (800) 844-0624 The HIPPO Coatings HSR-1 spray rig provides superior power and performance with increased mobility. With a 30 kw generator and 30 cfm air compressor powered by a 49 hp Tier 4 diesel engine, the HSR-1 is the best mobile plural component coating solution. It 's capable of transporting three drum sets and features an air conditioner, heat pump, refrigerated air dryer, work bench and cabinets. Hitch it up, get it to the job site and get the job done quicker. HIPPO Coatings Spotlight 2018

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